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 Private and Group Lessons 

Private and group lessons

At Issaquah Suzuki Strings, we believe the best way to grow as a musician is through a combination of high-quality, individualized instruction along with the further practice and social aspect provided by participation in group lessons.  We offer each student a weekly private lesson to be scheduled with your teacher.  Students also attend group lessons for their instrument or chamber music classes when offered (when enrolled in private lessons.)  Students are placed in a group appropriate to their needs.  Commitment to your private violin or cello lessons and group lessons along with practice at home is essential.


Private lessons

Parental involvement is key to the development of the young musician.  Parents should expect to attend weekly private lessons with their child so that they may best assist the learning process at home.  As the child matures, the role of the parent may change, however, our teachers are trained to assist the parents in how best to support their budding musician throughout the learning process.


After contacting one of our teachers you will have the opportunity to observe a lesson to see if our program is a good fit for your child and your family.


Students will also need to:


  • Rent or purchase a well set up instrument of the appropriate size.  Your teacher can help you in this process.

  • Purchase the Suzuki method book and corresponding CD as well as any supplementary materials recommended by your teacher.

  • Listen daily to the Suzuki recordings and other high-quality music.

  • Find a regular time when both parent and child can practice together at home.  Building a habit of daily practice is essential to developing the physical and mental skill necessary in playing an instrument.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a vital aspect of the Suzuki approach to learning.

Some of the benefits of group lessons are:


  • Review of previously learned pieces and techniques

  • Developing musicianship and ensemble playing

  • Socialization skills

  • Enjoyment of music with others

Group Lessons

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