Recital Information 

All students will perform in two solo recitals each school year with their respective studio. For the studio recitals  the students choose a piece with their teacher that has been prepared and polished to performance level and each student performs with an accompanist.  This is a great way for more advanced students to be role models and for younger or beginning students to see what is coming.  They can see some of their favorite pieces performed and they also get the opportunity to share their favorite pieces with an audience and their fellow musicians.


For advanced students we also prepare a yearly honors recital.  This gives students another opportunity to work up a piece of music to the highest level.  This recital is for students from all of our studios together and there is an application process.  Students must have studied for at least two years to apply.  The students will pick a polished piece with their teacher and go through the application process(please view the PDF for details).  A percentage of the proceeds from this recital will go toward the ISS Scholarship Fund.