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Outreach concert
Chamber ensemble performance
Cello festival concert
Violin students
Cello students
Cello performance

  Suzuki String Programs for All Ages and Levels  

Cello orchestra performance

All students receive weekly private instruction which will be scheduled directly through your teacher. Also included in this tuition are group lessons and two studio recitals per school year. Accompanist fees and chamber music incur extra fees. Ask your teacher which group lesson best suits your needs.

Chamber music group

Chamber music is music performed by a small ensemble usually meant to be played in a chamber or small venue.  We are excited to offer to our students the opportunity of playing in such an ensemble. Currently our chamber music program includes our middle and high school students of all levels.

We continually look for opportunities to bring our students out of the music studio and into the community.  Our student groups often perform in area nursing homes, local farmers' markets, and arts events and bring the joy of music to their audiences.  

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