Issaquah Suzuki Strings is a group of private Suzuki teachers combining studios for the purpose of building a community of music students and families. In addition to individual lessons, our program includes various Suzuki group lessons for violin and cello as well as chamber music, recitals, outreach performances, and social events.
Our purpose is to nurture the whole child through music and community.
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Tuition and Policies 2021-22

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Fall and Spring Semester Tuition

Each semester consists of 17 weeks of lessons plus one week reserved for make-up lessons. (32 lessons and two make-ups per school year.) Lessons will be in person unless a return to online lessons is necessary for public health reasons. We will also make online lessons available when a student or parent or teacher is feeling slightly under the weather to prevent spreading illness around our studios. 

We hope to offer live performance and group learning opportunities as well for 2021-22. Your teacher can keep you informed of specifics!


Beginning 2019-20 students will be asked to cover the cost of the accompanist fee for recitals, payable directly to the accompanist at your recital rehearsal. Fees depend on the amount of time used for you rehearsal and generally would be $10-20 depending on the rehearsal length for your specific needs. Thank you for helping us make sure that your student has enough time to practice with accompaniment and that we can pay our professional accompanists at a fair rate.


To simplify billing for both parents and teachers we will collect tuition 5 times per year in September, November, January, March and May. Alternatively, you may choose to pay twice per year, in September and January.


Tuition for lessons will be paid directly to the student’s private teacher by the first of the month for bimonthly payments, or at the first lesson of the semester for semesterly payments. Tuition received after the 8th of the month will incur a $5 late charge.


Summer lesson tuition

Summer lessons will be scheduled and paid on a per-lesson basis. Group lessons or ensemble classes may be offered in the summer for an additional fee. 



Make-ups and Missed Lessons

·       The student may make-up one missed lesson per semester.

·       If you let your teacher know at least 48 hours in advance, it may be possible to find another available spot during the same week to make up the lesson at your teacher’s convenience. When that is not possible the lesson can be made up during make- up week.

·       If a student is absent at the last minute due to illnesses or other emergency, the make-up lesson will be offered to the student during make-up week.

·       Forgotten lessons will not be made up.

·       Make-up lessons that are canceled cannot be made up or carried over into the next semester.


If a teacher needs to cancel or miss a lesson they will make it up to the student with the following exceptions:

·       Teachers may miss one lesson per semester due to illness or professional development without a make-up being offered.

·       In the event of a “snow day” when Issaquah area schools are cancelled, make-ups may be offered on a case by case basis.


In exceptional circumstances, students who need to take a leave of absence from lessons for a short period of time may hold their lesson spot by paying half tuition for the lessons missed.


It is our expectation that commitment to your lessons and our program is for the entire school year. For students not able to fulfill this commitment an early termination fee may be assessed at the discretion of your teacher. Please talk openly with your teacher about any difficulties that may come up with your student’s interest, practice and other commitments. We are here to help when these issues arise!


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